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Rated Excellent on Trustpilot

Damage Reclaim did an amazing job

Damage Reclaim did an amazing job and saved me over 2,500 Euros on a rental car damage bill. They helped me file the necessary paperwork as well as conducted negotiations on my behalf with the rental car company. I am definitely glad that I contacted them.

Bjorn Hale

Definitely will recommend these guys

Thought It was a long shot but they delivered and I got £367 all for just filling my application form in. Definitely recommend

Jonny MC

I never knew a company like damage…

I never knew a company like damage reclaim exist until i started researching online, because i believed that the vehicle leased company are over charging on damage of the end of their leased vehicle agreement. I thank God that i came across damage reclaim because they told me that they will definitely reduced the amount i was be charged for the damage of my vehicle. Guess what they kept to their promised! I will recommend them to any lucky people that want to reduce their over charging damage on their leased vehicle agreement.


Europcar ripped me off and Damage …

Europcar ripped me off and Damage Reclaim, reclaimed it. In the long run their efforts will lead to more fair rental companies.

Dick Soderberg

Claim reduced by 50%

Damage Reclaim reduced the claim by 50% which was a great result. They took care of the whole process. Would definitely recommend.

Warwick Hewson

Little effort on my part for a saving …

Little effort on my part for a saving of £300. Quick responses, easy interactions.

Jason Clarke

Simply the best

I’ve rented a car with SIXT. A few weeks after I returned the car I received a demand for payment of EUR 638 due to scratches on the car discs. I replied that I didn’t scratch any of the car’s discs and didn’t even park a single time near the pavement.
SIXT declined my objection and demanded payment.
I contacted Damagereclaim. The team is very professional, they sent SIXT a letter and within a few days the demand was reduced by 50% from EUR 638 to EUR 319.
Well done!
I highly recommend.

Gil Farkash

Nulled my scammed damage

Nulled my payment till 0 cause sixt was being a scammer. Thanks damagereclaim xx


Excellent company with regular...

Excellent company with regular, useful conversations. They ended up saving me £350 on my hire car damage claim so totally worth it!

Mr P——-K


Easy, fast, excellent service. Anytime again !


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