Have you ever rented or leased a car, and found that the hire company charged you too much for damage?

At Damage Reclaim, we specialise in reducing your car hire bills. If you think that your rental or lease car return charges are excessive, get in touch with us, and let us help you out.

We believe that accidents do happen. That’s why we set up this service. After all, if you lease a car and have an accident, why should that be treated differently than an accident in your own car?

Unfortunately, this is not how many lease car companies see the situation. They charge more than you might expect to fix damage to their cars – even if the damage is only minor. That’s where Damage Reclaim comes in.

We specialise in understanding how these companies work, and how their lease policy documents are actually structured. If you contact us with your story, we can help you contest the amount that your lease car company have charged you.

We simply take a look at your policy documents, and the damage that might have occurred to the car. Then, we see if we can contest the amount that you have been charged. More often than not, the lease car company will back down, and either not charge you at all, or charge you a much more reasonable amount.

All we do is take a small fee off the amount that you saved.

Get in touch now, and let us help you claim back your damage expenses.

Our Recent Cases

Claim reduced by £655

Claim reduced by £1,015

Claim reduced by £2,732

Claim reduced by £395

We have made our process simple!


To start your enquiry, TAKE ACTION and get in touch with Damage Reclaim.


Complete our short form and email us the documents to start your case.


Once we’ve received the documents, we’ll contact your leasing or finance provider.


Sit back and relax while we get to work on reducing your end of contract invoice.


Damage Recharge fees are rarely transparent or outlined when you take out the contract, resulting in an unexpected bill when returning your vehicle. Sound familiar? Let us come to the rescue.

Our friendly team of experts will do the hard work for you, so that you don’t have to stress over the ins and outs of damage processes. We take the end of contract burden off your shoulders, the net effect of which won’t cost you a penny. If we can’t help, we won’t charge!


We reduce our clients bills by 54%

Money we are putting back in our clients pockets


Successfully reducing claims

On average we reduce damage recharge invoices by 54% and at at times we’ve reduced them in full to zero!

The average saving to our client is £355.  Our largest success to date is £1,015.  Imagine having that money back in your pocket?

By challenging in the right way, we are successfully reducing our clients’ claims 66% of the time!

Rated Excellent on Trustpilot

Definitely will recommend these guys

Thought It was a long shot but they delivered and I got £367 all for just filling my application form in. Definitely recommend

Jonny MC

Damage Reclaim did an amazing job

Damage Reclaim did an amazing job and saved me over 2,500 Euros on a rental car damage bill. They helped me file the necessary paperwork as well as conducted negotiations on my behalf with the rental car company. I am definitely glad that I contacted them.

Bjorn Hale

I never knew a company like damage…

I never knew a company like damage reclaim exist until i started researching online, because i believed that the vehicle leased company are over charging on damage of the end of their leased vehicle agreement. I thank God that i came across damage reclaim because they told me that they will definitely reduced the amount i was be charged for the damage of my vehicle. Guess what they kept to their promised! I will recommend them to any lucky people that want to reduce their over charging damage on their leased vehicle agreement.


Europcar ripped me off and Damage …

Europcar ripped me off and Damage Reclaim, reclaimed it. In the long run their efforts will lead to more fair rental companies.

Dick Soderberg

Claim reduced by 50%

Damage Reclaim reduced the claim by 50% which was a great result. They took care of the whole process. Would definitely recommend.

Warwick Hewson

Little effort on my part for a saving …

Little effort on my part for a saving of £300. Quick responses, easy interactions.

Jason Clarke

Simply the best

I’ve rented a car with SIXT. A few weeks after I returned the car I received a demand for payment of EUR 638 due to scratches on the car discs. I replied that I didn’t scratch any of the car’s discs and didn’t even park a single time near the pavement.
SIXT declined my objection and demanded payment.
I contacted Damagereclaim. The team is very professional, they sent SIXT a letter and within a few days the demand was reduced by 50% from EUR 638 to EUR 319.
Well done!
I highly recommend.

Gil Farkash

Nulled my scammed damage

Nulled my payment till 0 cause sixt was being a scammer. Thanks damagereclaim xx


Excellent company with regular...

Excellent company with regular, useful conversations. They ended up saving me £350 on my hire car damage claim so totally worth it!

Mr P——-K


Easy, fast, excellent service. Anytime again !


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