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Our business can help you fight against inflated prices on the cost of repairs when returning a hire or lease car.

We are a team of experienced professionals in the car rental industry. We started the company to make sure that you get back a fair amount after you rent a car. Our aim is to make the returns part of the rental industry fairer for everyone.

We have the experience to help you get back a fair amount from your leasing company. In fact, we on average reduce your bills by 54%. We manage to reduce the bills of as many as 66% of our clients’ bills, getting you an average of £355 saving.

Our service explained



Firstly, we’ll need to see the documents provided by your leasing or car rental provider. This normally includes a vehicle collection inspection report and/or a vehicle appraisal (including images), plus your itemised damage invoice, repair estimate or damage excess compensation claim. You can do this electronically or by post (copies are fine).

You’ll also need to give us permission to act on your behalf by signing a simple document to this effect which includes our terms and conditions.

Then, we can begin the process of assessing your case and communicating directly with the leasing or car rental company to deliver the fair result you deserve.


We approach your damage bill with professionalism and integrity, ensuring we have the best possible chance of success. In some cases, it may be that your charges are completely justified. If so, we won’t waste your time and money; as we only charge for successful bill reductions, we independently assess every case before taking it on. 

Case Studies


Case Study 1

Mr P was on a skiing trip in France when they reversed their mini bus that was on rental into some bollards.  After reporting the incident Mr P was charged £2,030 for the damage.  After passing the charge to Damage Reclaim, we were able to negotiate a fairer repair bill and this was reduced £1,015.

Client saved £1,015

Case Study 2

Mr S was on a trip across Italy when he they damaged the rented Maserati they had on hire.  After his credit card was charged over €5,500 he asked Damage Reclaim to get involved.  With the rental company refusing to discuss, Damage Reclaim used the European Car Rental Conciliation Service (ECRCS).  After providing mitigating evidence, the damage recharge was reduced by nearly 50% saving Mr S over €2,700.

Client saved €2,700

Case Study 3

Miss X had rented a car at a German airport and on return was charged £655 for a replacement alloy wheel that was claimed to be damaged.  Once Damage Reclaim got involved, we were able to establish that the damage was already pre-existing all the charge was nullified infill saving the client £655.

Client saved £655

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